Mindset Shifts To Master Your Health & Fitness

Fitness and health is as much a mindset skill as it is one of application.

In my last post I mentioned that where the mind goes, energy flows -or the body follows. That was in the context of shadowboxing fundamentals. However, it's just as important in application here too because it's addressing where it all starts to begin with. The valuable role-player between your ears: your mind!

If we're all being honest with ourselves, when it comes to trying to convince ourselves to stick to and adhere to a nutrition plan and workout regimen, the biggest hurdle we come across is convincing our minds to follow through. Mindset and how we think has to first be established on a strong foundation because it will end up being the determinant for everything else.

Weak mindset, weak results. Conversely, strong mindset, strong results.

Fitness and health is as much a mindset skill as it is one of application.

Our minds really do a good job of talking us out of a lot. That comes from a place of improper programming, habitual, and unhealthy thinking that has already been engraved into a pattern that can be hard to backtrack and remove.

As the saying goes, though: When you know better, you do better. So, the first key thing to do is be aware how you are being deficient in your mindset and address it so that you can start tackling your goals with a better mental attitude and effectiveness.

Instead, we have to override it and reshape the way we think and approach fitness and health; we don't want to see fitness and health as a chore or something to dread or resent. We want to enjoy it and even have fun with it. We want to remember that this is our body and wellbeing we're talking about here and it's crucial to adopt super amazing habits so that we benefit all around.

Sometimes it takes more effort to talk ourselves off the couch than it does when we're up and moving -been there done that too many times to count. Usually when we're five to ten minutes into a workout and moving, we start to feel a lot better and the momentum picks up. Now, I'd like to note, don't overdo it. You want to listen to your body when you need rest and not try to push it when your body is clearly manifesting signs that it needs rest and recharge instead of more work being loaded on it.

All this being said, though, where do we go from here and how do we start to implement and cultivate life-changing mindset habits that will alter and truly transform our fitness and health pursuits?

Let me make some suggestions that have truly worked for me, and might work for you too!


This one can be a hard one to reconcile with because it requires responsibility and accountability to yourself.

We always seek to find reasons externally why we can't really accomplish our goals or cling habitually to healthy goals and practices in our life as justifications, but the truth is we've allowed ourselves to be programmed in a way that trips us up and sets us up for failure. It's not always intentional, of course, but because we aren't more diligent to take hold of it and discipline ourselves to fix it, it ends up gathering momentum the longer time goes on with it being unaddressed, and then we keep complaining about why we haven't hit any transformative breakthrough in our lives.

It all starts in the mind. I'm sure you've heard that said before. It's true for anything. If we are to succeed in anything we are working to attain, our mental process and trajectory has to be stationed in the right direction to begin with. This means we have to take ownership of our thought patterns and belief systems. We really have to figure out where the gaps are, where the weak spots are, and smooth out the wrinkles if we are really to see any kind of change.

The first step is to simply acknowledge the areas we are being passive, lazy and complacent in and choose to change it. Yes, that's right, choose. Emotions come and go and if we are waiting on "feeling" like it for anything in life, then we're not going to get very far are we?

Plus, the more we do something repetitively, the easier it becomes to do it without so much energy expenditure. The first stages are the hardest; if you can persevere through the mental ruts that will inevitably show up when you're first trying to override old bad habits, then you're well on your way to amazing change!


When it comes to fitness and health, a complacent attitude can serve to be destructive in our pathway to reach certain lifestyle goals.

We tend to make close friends with our comfort zones and then stay there, but in order to really grow and develop as people, we really need to understand that complacency serves us for nothing. It does us a huge disservice.

When it comes to health and fitness, if we allow complacency to dominate, we won't ever get far at all. Complacency convinces us "we'll do it tomorrow", or "maybe I'll just wait a couple more hours." I've been there done that. Majority of the time, whatever excuse comes after a thought of complacency ends up winning over and I justify it and guess what happens? Yup. I never get anything done.

Complacency keeps us all at a plateau and kills our drive. It doesn't challenge us to keep going and it certainly doesn't serve our benefit in the long run either. I'd rather do what's hard right now and yield the results tomorrow than get to tomorrow and regret what I should have done yesterday. I'd rather not have to carry around the guilt and regret of doing something I knew I really wanted to do, but I let my brain talk me out of it.

If that's the case, who's really in control? Your mind controls your brain and tells it what to do, not the other way round. So drop the complacency and step forward into transformational, and permanent change. Abandon the excuses and get a little tough on yourself. If you really want change in your life, you're the first person to go to to make it happen because no one is going to do it for you.


I get it. Our thoughts can run wild with us. We have so many thoughts in a day, if we're not careful and guarded, who knows where we can end up.

We have to learn to establish a healthy track of mind because what we give attention to in our thought life is what's going to heavily impact and influence our emotions, our behaviours, our moods, which chronically unaddressed can turn into a personality, and then it becomes an engraved destructive pattern that is hard to break out of. Get where I'm headed with this?

Take captive the thoughts that don't serve you and substitute them for more constructive and productive ones that serve to benefit you in contributing to an overall healthy outcome.

Weak mindset, weak results. Conversely, strong mindset, strong results.

Listen to fitness and health podcasts; read lots of books, listen to nourishing music that doesn't mess with your emotions in a distorted way -I'm looking at you depressing love songs- etc. We become the products of what we let into our minds. Remember where energy goes, our mind and body follows. If we're investing our attention and focus (energy) into the wrong things, the wrong outcomes get manifested.

Taking control of your thoughts means recognizing and training yourself to identify the ones that don't serve you and change them. Replace them with ones that do serve and empower you and donate to your overall end goal in fitness and health. Also think about your destination and what you stand to lose if you don't take drastic measures to override your toxic thought life.

Mind you, don't just obsess about your destination, but train yourself to really enjoy and embrace the journey as well. I usually find more joy and contentment in the midst of the journey because of how impactful it can be. It's the stepping stones that get you to where you're going to begin with; it's what makes you grow as a person and improve in areas of your life you're looking to affect change.


It's hard to establish good habits and a consistent mindset if we don't really set ourselves up for success with some sort of template to work off of. A map gets you to where you want to go because you can clearly see connecting roads, routes and locations for everything.

In the same way you want to map out a route that will leave you reaching your goals successfully in health and fitness. This means you need to establish a routine and structured plan that is kept simple so that you can be less prone to hitting more plateaus.

Why do I say that routine and structure is one of the key components to mindset mastery? Because it guarantees that you've set an intention. If you don't set an intention, your mind has no sense of direction, you become aimless, and more susceptible to just giving up before you even start, or you just end up quitting halfway.

No one likes living their life as though they're floundering around directionless and without purpose. Routine and structure sets a purpose and a level of intention that drives that purpose so that you feel more productive but also like you're really heading in a good direction. When you feel like you're headed in a good direction, with purpose and intention, you become more confident. The more confident you become, the more you're more willing to keep consistent with the goals and more likely to attain them. This is why it's also healthy to specify certain fitness goals and write out a plan so that you have a target to aim for.

If you're aimless and purposeless, then you get discouraged, and a discouraged attitude weighs you down and it won't be long before you've stopped yourself short.


I don't know if you've noticed, but you're mind is always trying to argue with you. Especially when it comes to change, or trying to work outside the comfort zone, or when any type of growth has to happen.

The brain's job is to try and protect you -it's why being critical and negative takes less work than it does to be positive. It's just human nature. Our brains are designed to scrutinize and question things because our survival hangs in the balance and so it has to make sure it's navigating us in the direction of safety.

We know this is just a biological mechanism that has naturally been programmed into us and it's normal, but it sure does get in the way when we're looking to achieve certain things.

If you have certain fitness and health goals and you start to get really uncomfortable before it's been formed into a habit that gets easier to live out, then you're going to have to bust through that till it starts to feel a lot easier to ignore.

You have to work your mind into submission -because the mind usually gives in before the body does. You have to implement thoughts of working through the discomfort till it becomes comfortable. Things I used to hate now are hard for me to break because I've turned it into a habitual pattern in my life that has served me. I now can't go a week without working out 5-6 days of the week because I've established it as a routine. As a habit. But at first this was really hard. It's the last thing I wanted to do.

Amazing things happen though when you make friends with discomfort. You start to really see how strong and resilient you can be and why kind of transformational change and new levels you can attain physically and mentally. The more you progress, the more you're willing to venture into new dynamics and continue to be refined.


This one is short, sweet, and to the point.

What I mean in this context to set yourself up for success is simply this: make your goals for fitness and health -depending on what stage of the journey you're on- realistic and simplified. The more we complicate things, the more we resent them and then avoid them because they aren't fun, manageable and enjoyable. I'm not saying every bit of it is going to be a walk in the park, but if you do it in the right way, you're willing to work past these pot holes in the rode because you're driven and passionate about what you've set for yourself.

You want to set yourself up well from the start gate. Don't sabotage yourself.


You want to be thinking about why you're doing this to begin with. What's the purpose behind it?

I do it because committing to health and fitness means that I can maintain a functional, healthy lifestyle that allows me to be there for my kids and set a good example for them. It improves every other area of my life as well.

If I workout consistently, it means I am more motivated to eat healthier and wholesomely to sustain that progress and not destroy it.

If I show up it means I continue to feel good and it impacts all other components and aspects of my life. I can think more clearly, have more energy, and get more done. It contributes to my longevity and I genuinely enjoy it.

I also show up because as a Bible-believing Christian, I think of it as taking care of the temple God gave me to fulfill and walk out His purposes; which I can't do if I'm not feeling good physically, or on the right mindset that I need to be.

Hope you were inspired and I'll see you in my next post!

Get it, like a boss!